Whether you are new to the practise, or you want to deepen your experience -
I am here to guide you.


After doing my 200hour teacher training with STRALAYOGA, I became a certified yoga teacher. I have taught classes in different studios in Europa and retreats in Guatemala and El Salvador, and different types of workshops.

If you want to book me for a private class, a class in your company or an event, let’s chat!

Yoga will find you, or you will find yoga and the practise will be yours. Unique to you. Just like mine is mine. You will develop a communication with all that is inside you and a new way of playing with all that is around you.


Yes, you will develop strength, flexibility, balance and grow into more and more advanced postures with time. You will increase what is possible on the physical level. But more importantly, you will develop an intimate knowing of your rythm and energy levels, wisdom to respond better to your needs of rest, nourishment & movement. Your body will become a friend, a source of wisdom and pleasure - an ally on your path instead of something to control.


Everything that happens within the body, will translate to your mind. The increased flexibility and strength you start to feel in the way you move your vessel will influence the way you think about the world and yourself. The mat becomes a mirror. Any mechanism that is present on the mat - perfectionism, forcing, negative self talk - is present off the mat as well. The mat will offer you a container, a safe space to explore how you do things. When you work through processes in your yoga practise, you take those lessons everywhere. You will translate your balance on the mat to more balance in your life - naturally. Same with strenth, felixibility, grace, confidence. Your mat is a little laboratory where you get to explore your life and your dynamics and where you can take back the power to make better choices.


This one you will just have to find out for yourself. But magic will be part of it. It was there all along, you just become more recepive to it as you trade living defensively to living openly. As you feel new layers of sensations, see new kinds of beauty and potential. Your movement becomes a prayer, your life becomes your most authentic expression and you go so much further, so much lighter.