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I am here, to help you find the sweet spot in life

where contradictions are embraced & compromises are made in complete alignment with who you are,

where you master the art of living openly, lovingly and fiercely in all directions without losing your center,

where you have a relationship to balance that is ever moving - always keeping you awake to who you are in every moment and allowing you to meet your needs in a natural and powerful way,

where you are rooted in a clear vision of where you want to go, and where you become an embodiment of your vision in the present moment.



How we work together

Woman to woman.
Heart to heart.

This is you and I, co-creating. Our relationship is what we make it.

You have your desires, your goals, the seeds ready to bloom, the lioness ready to roar.

I have the tools to help you tap into all of that, I have the guidance to keep you from getting overwhelmed by all that you unlock. I have the space to hold you.

We create a sustainable integrated way to allow your wild to exist without spiraling out of control by finding our center inside ourselves. I help you become the eye, so you are no longer afraid of the hurricane you contain.

There is yoga: your body, your temple, your home. A journey through all that we are eventhough we stay in one place on the mat. Expansion and unfolding. A coming back to what is going on inside, again and again, never the same. Learn more or book a private session here.

There is coaching; your mind, your beliefs, your attitudes. An investment in realigning your way of being and doing. An undertaking to arrive where life feels so simple because it is your truth, and at the same time the connections and opportunities and layers this will unlock, will be magical and abundant.

My writing is here for you. Breadcrumbs from where I have been. Things that light my way and reflections on what I left behind. Honesty. Clarity. Questions. May they guide you home, may they guide you further into the wild.

There is peaceful.
There is wild.
I am both at the same time.
— Nayyiah Waheed