1:1 Mentorship

Are you wondering what it would feel like to be at the center of your life?
Are you craving to live from a balanced place of play and purpose?
Do you want to start building a juicy life that feels like your own?

In this session it is just you and me, we dive into your goals and any questions that you may have about working together. We start to tap into all the potential that there is for us to play with, all the magnificenct ways we can start finding a way home to yourself.



The Process

1:1 coaching is a safe space to recreate your relationship and attitude to life.

We work specifically on shattering blocks that are bothering you here and now, and move past fears that are holding you back from how and who you want to be/already are.

We develop new ways of thinking: you will overflow with empowerment and let go of all victimhood.

We find meaningful ways of feeling by creating your own unique blend of deep self care practises that allow you to respond to life by giving yourself exactly what you need to heal and deal. We create courage for pleasure and sensuality beyond guilt and shame, to authentically feel into all that is around you.

We make roadmaps to your goals that are sustainable, joyful and solid. And you will be held accountable!


This exchange that will help you find a home in your self from where to be and act in the world with a sense of ease and trust, is available in different ways:


    This package allows for defining goals and working towards them while also having time for reflection and integration. We can go deep with altering beliefs and creating new habits, moving through what comes up along the way. We can holistically open up space for change.

    This includes

    • 4 x 1 hour virtual sessions

    • experimental and reflective homework assignments in between sessions

    • resource suggestions to support your journey


    This package is more focused on setting a framework and a direction to flow towards and holding you accountable on the way there. Once a month we can have a session that dives deep in the why of what you want to change and that draws out a map for you to follow. The other sessions are moments of checking in to integrate any successes and blocks and fine tune your process.

    This includes

    • 1 x 1 hour coaching session

    • 3 x 30 min coaching session

    • experimental and reflective homework assignments in between sessions

    • resource suggestions to support your journey


    You can also book sessions outside of any package as you see fit, according to your needs.

To start the process:

Let’s talk.

Let’s start reaching those dreams and embodying those desires.

I am so here for you.