The Process of Embodiment

I wrote about embodiment before and how it is this magical thing that comes on its own timing. But are we powerless in the process? No. This happens step by step, in a way. Part of it is surrender, and part of it is showing up. It is one of these spiritual endeavors where they say you have to give it your all while at the same time giving up your attachments to any outcomes or results. There simply is no straight line; there is not one thing that is easier to embody than another. If you had an eating disorder, embodying nourishment and confidence might take longer. If you had a sexual trauma, embodying your inner powergodess might be a journey of a lifetime - one that is still worth undertaking if you ask me. Some qualities we embody since birth as they were given to us since we were babies, instilled in us by our education. Your mother has done the work for you. But the choice to keep that embodiment alive will always be yours.

So how do we get there?



The first step: noticing , having an attraction. 

In this stage your eye catches something, you feel drawn to something, You notice something in yourself that you want to change, something that no longer works. You feel inspired by someone else.

Example 1. You notice the confidence in a woman who owns her sexuality and you want to make it your own.

Example 2. You go to an art museum and you feel moved. You desperately want more art in your life,

The second step: observing, getting acquainted, learning. 

You start to make that thing more present in your life by looking into it, reading about it, watching it, bringing yourself near it. Going where the inspiration is, expanding your horizons.

Example 1: You start watching women on the street, you start to notice the variety in beauty, you start listening more closely to your friends that feel more free. You watch the way people dress. You investigate your own body image, you start clearly seeing all the ways in which you hide.

Example 2: You go back to the museum, get an audioguide this time. You go to the library and buy some books. You hang out with more creative people, watch indie movies instead of Hollywood blockbusters.

The third step: trying it out, implementing it, experimenting with it. 

Just do it. Action baby. Craft new habits, make a change. Keep playing with it. Dont stop.

Example 1: You go to the store and by some new outfits. You start dancing. You better your posture. You start giving yourself orgasms on the daily (=embodiment lifehack). You flirt. You know your worth, You start to take your guilt and shame less seriously.

Example 2: You buy some art supplies in the local art store, invite your friends to come over and draw instead of watching a movie. You keep trying new things. You start taking pictures with your phone in a different way, you see inspiration everywhere.

The fourth step: integration, embodiment. 


Example 1: You have a natural swing in your step, you radiate, you have your own style. You care less about what people think, Shame and guilt have been replaced by joy and care. You don`t criticize your body anymore, instead you celebrate it. Guys look at you, of course, but you don`t even care that much anymore. You have less time for people who make you feel small.

Example 2: Creativity is everywhere. In how you eat, in how you text, in how you spend your day. You do to art shows every week now and you made a ton of friends there. You watch way less TV because you just want to draw all the time. You don`t worry about getting inspired that much anymore because you know the source is there for you to tap into.

So in conclusion: 

Follow that initial attraction instead of questioning it. Get close, see where it takes you. Give it time to blossom. Stay awake, say yes to the ride.