The Magic of Embodiment

Embodiment is one of my favorite words. It is a word that grows on you. You hear it a few times, not really knowing what it means. "Embody the pose" - a yoga teacher yells, and you just feel your body? But once you know, you say it all the time. People tell me I use the words "grounding" and "moon" way too much, I think embodiment would be a close third place. Embodiment is so precious to me, I love witnessing it as it happens in my own life, it is like an unfolding that happens as a side-effect of living fully and wide awake. You show up, you do the work and eventually it will come. But you can never really know when, it comes when you are ready. The embodiment is the result of a process of becoming (that I will explain next time).



When you embody something it means you have integrated it into who you are. You are no longer putting up a mask, or trying it out, you are doing it naturally. There is no forcing involved.

It happens when you stop trying to be something, but you represent something.

You embody something when you feel it and you experience it, rather than just knowing it. A lot of times we can grasp something intellectually, without fully knowing that truth in our bones. Embodying something means you have fully digested an issue or an insight and you have absorbed it. It belongs to you.

Embodying something means you are on the edge of the internal and the external, because what you embody is your essence and what you embody will radiate out, wherever you go.

What you embody will naturally spread out and touch other people. You dont have to lecture, or preach or defend or convince. You live it and that will naturally influence other people to do the same. They can see it alive in you.

Embodying something means getting out of your head and into your body. It means acting on what you know to be true, it means walking your talk, practising what you preach, It means being you.

Embodying is beyond ego, into soul. It is not needing to be in your head all the damn time, and actually allowing yourself to open up to the world around you.

Embodying is the gift of finally having to stop the striving to become something, because you have become it. And there is rest in that.

There is peace in that, there is calm in that, there is space in that, to grow into embodying something else.

Look, there is a difference between wanting to know you are beautiful and constantly comparing and setting goals and micromanaging your body on the one hand, and truly seeing the beauty in yourself and others. There is a difference between being told you have to be kind to people by a priest, and embodying that kindness during the day by helping where you can. There is a difference between knowing racism is wrong and actually loving people from all over the world and investigating your own belief. Saying you are a feminist and actually truly being one is a big difference. Studying nutrition is far from living in a connection with your body where you can nourish yourself without guilt and shame. Coming to a yoga class because you want the calm and grace that come with it, will confront you with the fact that it needs time.

Starting to develop a quality and truly owning it, is a process. But it is a ride worth taking, an effort worth embarking on. Embodiment is when it becomes effortless, when it becomes unquestionable.

What qualities are you already embodying?

What qualities would you like to embody?