Befriending Desire



I am all about living in alignment - also known as actively making time and space for what I think is important, adding in things in my life now that will help me get to where I want to go. Before we can start to align our life in a way that helps manifest what we want: we need to know what we want. Cut through the noise and spend some time with this question: what do I want?


Set a 20 min timer, take a piece of paper and a pen.

Write on top of the page “I want…” and then simply write. 

Don’t stop until the timer stops, and even then, if you feel like you are on a roll you can just keep going.

This is about connecting with desire: it can be big like saving the world, it can be small as I want to take a nap right now. It can be that you want to quit your job, or simply that you want to wear more lipstick. It can be that you want to forgive your ex, or that you crave ginger tea.

Let it be a mix of big things and little things. Let is surprise you, let it be free 

Ready? Go.


We are scared of wanting, too much, the wrong things. Often we link it to gripping, we start obsessing and we start to spiral out of control. A lot of structures in the world corrupted our relationship with desire. But we can take the power back when we connect to what we want from our core, from our center, rather than buy into these external desires.

It is about what your soul wants, what you truly want for your body, the world and the people around you. It is important to be able to look at all that we want – often contradictory things and have a certain overview. Being able to differentiate between the big things and the little things, the innocent guilty pleasures and the ones that slow you down or cause harm.

Reconnecting to a healthy sense of desire gives major clues of how to live in alignment with your truth. Building goals on these themes will help you create a life that feels natural and authentic to you. It will feel free. As opposed to external goals that we try to push towards and have to sacrifice and compromise way too much for.

Using desire as your guide means you have direction that finds its source in you. If you apply the concept of joy to this and work on this in an easy graceful way rather than adhering to the no-pain-no-gain principle : you have a recipe for magic alignment and continuous growth.


After letting it be for a while, read over it. 

Are there some themes? More art, more nature, more love? 

What is the undercurrent?

What can you act on now? Grab lipstick and put it on. Make yourself some tea. Go shopping for that recipe that you want to make. 

What big things are on there? How can you start mapping it out?