Abundant Life Without Cash

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IMG_20181026_110438 (1).jpg

It is easy to live in lack, sometimes. From time to time, we lose sight of the fullness of our lives and we start comparing. We start drowning ourselves in things we should do to be better. A lot of my friends these days seem to talk about money, how they want more of it, how they want to spend it. How broke they are. Maybe it is a thing among young people living in Barcelona trying to build a life while working in a call center. There is a feeling of stuck, a bridge that is missing between where we are and what we want.

I wonder if it is really that. More money, yes please. But what we are after - maybe it is this sense of being at ease, feeling full, feeling luxurious. Feeling abundant is a very different thing than feeling rich. Feeling abundant is tapping in to this sense of possibility, space and potential. It is the opposite of feeling stuck.

Living from a place of lack is loaded with the fear that there won't be enough. No one of us go hungry, we have a lot of love, we live in a city between hills and the sea, we all made a choice to live in the here and now instead of the security we can build for later, yet we still feel constricted.

Abundance and luxury are for all.  It is an act of creation, a way of replenishing, a way of keeping in flow, of keeping things moving. It is about joy and truth. I am redefining abundance by the amount of space, care and beauty in my life. The amount of times we say yes to ourself. The quality and presence that we infuse in the moment. I am redifining abundance as an attitude.

 "All too often, we become blocked and blame it on our lack of money. This is never an authentic block. The actual block is our feeling of constriction, our sense of powerlessness. Art requires us to empower ourselves with choice. At the most basic level, this means choosing to do self-care. " - The Artists Way

Yes money helps. But that is one way we can get there. We can also go by way of attention, presence and connection. It is in every act that is a mixture of all of those, and every act that connects you to feeling a sense of being good enough on a bad day, and feeling like you run the world on a good day.

It is in buying essential oils and a new plant after an anxiety attack.

It is in taking yourself out for lunch and a glass of wine,

It is in taking a day to do nothing,

It is in drawing,

It is in giving money to the homeless.

It is in cooking for friends.

It is in palo santo and cleansing your crystals.

It is in deep breaths and long baths.

It is in scented candles and noticing the sunlight,

It is in hugs in bed before getting up, the quality of kisses before falling asleep.

It is in walking home instead of taking the metro.

It is in carefully choosing the music you listen to and the books you read.

It is in upgrading your chai lattes with almond milk.

It is in letting yourself cry, letting yourself laugh, and letting yourself be seen while you do both.

It is in every single one of those things that levels you up. One step higher or a million steps higher, It is in every single thing that raises your vibration, so that you will then attract higher vibration things in your life. Like attracts like. Abundance creates more abundance.

Give yourself some love, let it overflow to others, let it set things in motion.

Often, when we feel lack, we start feeling bad if we treat ourselves, or if we spend money. We hold on to things, we close off, we start feeling shitty. Shitty creates more shitty.

Tap into what is already there, work with it and let it get unstuck.