A little list of Books.

I feel like I have no words today, to write. But I have been diving in books lately. Reading four different ones  at the same time. How one reads shows a lot about how one is, and I guess I have been a bit scattered. Scattered but still connecting with art and what is important. I have been reading a lot lately, trying to find answers in pages and other people's lives, trying to feel accompanied on this journey, slowly but steadily filling my cup.

What one reads says a lot about a person as well. Novels, non-fiction, biographies,... There is a line in what we like and yet sometimes, a book hits like a bomb. You were attracted to it for no reason, and then you read it and it brings you home. What one reads says a lot about a person and I belief the books you need find you as well.

So here are some books I read in the last 6 months that brought me home, that gave me words to read when I had none to write:



Esther Perel. Mating in Captivity. 

A book that came to me by way of Ted talks and then listening to podcasts and trying to find everything from her online. A book that I hungered for when I needed some clarity on what it meant to love, and how free we can be in the middle of it.

The Queen of Relationships. Esther Perel, whose every word is wise - who guided me home when I was trying to make sense of what love is supposed to be. Who helped me see that it is about desire and comfort, mystery and trust, adventure and safety, ALL AT ONCE. Who helped me see it was okay to do it my way, our way. To love and to hold and be free, and to stay. I am being vague. But read it and have your mind blown while at the same time finding a new calm within the paradoxes of relationships.

Mark Manson. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck. 

A book that I saw a while ago, and then did not want to read. But I kept seeing it. In bookstores, in people's instagram stories, somebody reading it at work, in the bus, in a cafe. When you see things that often - you are supposed to get the hind. The universe was like, you have to read this and I won't stop until you do.

The king of peptalks. Seriously, this book is good - it says nothing completely new, but it says all the things you kind of know but forget easily. It is the perfect reminder, awakener to get you out of feeling like a victim and get you excited about taking responsibility and ownership about your life. Oh and while you are at it, to stop caring about all the shit that does not matter, that does not match the vibes you are looking for. Take your life and run with it.

Alejandro Jodorowski. Psychomagic: The Practise of Shamanic Psychotherapy. 

This book is one of those that I fell upon; I have no idea who this man is and I still don't really but it does not matter. I like magic and art and healing ourselves so what could go wrong.

This book is like going on a coffee date with a very excentric soul who explains to you that magic is everywhere if we dare to be open to life. And that we can learn to speak the language of our own unconscious to help heal ourselves, and others. That healing is an art, not just a science. That I did not choose so differently by becoming an anthropologist/yoga/nomad instead of a doctor - that the intention of healing is the same. Where my family uses the hospitals, I try to do it my way. This book shows you his way. It is pretty damn great and weird and eye-opening, and to be taken with a grain of salt. But you should take everything with a grain of salt, even western medicine.

Elif Shafak. Three Daughters of Eve.

A book I found when I visited Belgium - in our living room. So I took it with me to read on the plane but I never did. Two months later, I started it and I could not put it down. It had been a while since I read "a story". A book that was for relaxing and not for learning (although good books are always both).

This book is a breath of fresh air. A novel that is light, and still poetic. That keeps you on your toes without getting overly dramatic. A book that deals with the question of what God is, and that it is okay not to know. That it is okay to be different and still love one another. That it is okay to be.

Sidenote:  this woman, Elif Shafak. Damn, now I have a new woman-crush. I cannot stop reading interviews with her, and I am already reading another one of her books. This reminds me. I should do a post of my women-crushes, my group of guides, queens. To be continued. 

Rolf Gates & Katrina Kenison. Meditations from the Mat: Daily Reflections on the Path of Yoga 

A book I got as a gift. And what a gift it is. Wether you have been practising yoga for a long time, or you want to be introduced to the philosophy and poetry of yoga beyond the poses, this book is a gem. It takes you through the different elements in  bite size pieces, lightly but deeply.

So, that's it. Some gems from the last few months. Let me know if you liked this and let me know what you've been reading as well!