Fall, I let go.

Autumn. Fall. The summer seems to still be rushing here in Barcelona, but with a little less fire. The soft goodbye of the last summer days, the summer nights are dark already. The grip of the heat is turning into just a hug of warmth. And we start listening to what is inside, the parts of us that are tired. The ones that got too much light and are exhausted. The ones we left behind, the ones that are waiting to catch up. And we start listening to the silence between the loud. We start longing for simplicity, for nights spent alone, for trips to other cities, to being a stranger so we can rediscover ourselves without the story.

The fall is where we get to slow down, go in. See where the rush of summer has brought us. What we burned away, what we let grow, what plans we are working on, what desire is running through us, what pain is lingering, what joy is showing through.

let go

let go

In summer, we accumulate so much. The summer is a time for gathering, inviting in, letting life and sunlight rush in  and do its magic. It is a surrender.  It starts and it takes usfor a ride, and while it is happening, there is little time to look around and integrate. There is flow, there is movement, there are waves. We get to be our hurricane self. In the moment. And we love it.

But now, with the transition to fall. A different space opens up - a change in rhythm that allows for centering and integration. That allows for reflection, a folding in. A time to be a little confused.

In these in-between days, we take all the treasures of summer and spend time with them. Look at them up close, see how they are both heavy and light, both shiny and dirty. Both healthy and dangerous. A time to look at all that, and get familiar with it. Learn the lessons, integrate them into the bigger picture of our lives. Awareness, understanding. Like the last few months were spent in a chaotic kitchen trying to cook a meal, making a mess, and now you finally get to taste it.

In fall the we can let go again. It is a time to stop adding in new stuff, and simply be. Naked. Simple. Spacious. Like leaves on a tree - we drop what is not needed. We forgive the mistakes made, smooth out the edges, cry the tears, feel the pain, feel all the gratitude. We feel it all, so we can let it go.

And then we re-align. We give ourselves what we need. We balance. We take the lessons and we do the work. We see the rewards and we celebrate. We get a little selfish with our time and energy, because everything moves slower so our consciousness joins the party and it has work to do. We go slow, we go steady, we go aware, awake and gently. We go more focused, more centered, more grounded. We go with intend. We get back into the driver seat.

Yet still, there are trees here, in Barcelona, that wear their purple flowers again, just like in spring, to remind us we can bloom and flourish and be abundant whenever we damn well please.