Self Talk 3.0



Let it be.

Live in color.

Be heavy. Cry your tears.

It is the only way to be light.

Cross the oceans.

Find the healer within.

Find the teacher within.

Let her out.

Create space for her.

She is ready.

You are ready.

To love.

To eat.

To skate.

Take care of your ass when you go skating though.

Burn on your yoga mat until your soul feels like water.

And the air is free. Meditate and feel free.

Put lavender on your wrists when you go to sleep.

Put lemon in your water.

Put a spring in your step.

Invite in he fall.

Let it all be,


Because it is.

Be a lover, a friend and a sister.

To others and to yourself.

Let yourself be lost,

it is the only way you ever learned how to be a guide.

Read books.

Watch movies.

Let them make you cry, let them make you laugh.

Let it be,

let it move you.

And write it all down.

Be all that you are,

and let it be magnificent.

Because it is.

Be love.

Be in love.

Be of love.