September Upgrade.

This summer has been a free pass. It has been filled with a lot of relaxing and a little less ambition, it has been filled with a lot of summer nights and wine and less home-cooking. It has been a go with the flow that is magical but at the same time I have flowed a bit off. I feel a bit foggy. A bit too far away from my priorities. A lot more tired in the mornings. Less creative. Less at ease with my choices and habits, cause they have been bringing me down in a way. This summer has been a free pass and it was magical, but something in me is craving something different: focus and light. September - virgo season - new starts, whatever is in the air, I am craving less bypassing and more truth. I am craving to see what lies beyond my habits. Craving to see how I feel and think if I don't have the soothing element of wine and tv-shows at night. If I cook for myself and eat in a more structured way rather than being on the go all the time. If I read books with fruit. If I skip the diet coke when I am bored at work.



September is for owning what I put inside my body, in a creative way that still feels abundant. September is for going past quick and easy, into worthy and high vibrational. September is for getting rid of the heavy stuff in food, so I can deal with why I keep needing those foods in the first place. September is for prioritizing feeling empowered, healthy and honest. September is for inviting in instead of running away. September is for nourishment, for focus and for feeling my feelings without filters. September is for elevating. September is for letting go of what is just a remnant of a past that no longer serves me, for letting go of things that make me feel guilty. September is for moving on and moving up. September is for play and self-care that is not lazy.

To see the abundance beyond habitual choices.

To see what attached me to these things, when is it easy to let go and when do I crave them.

To see what else can fulfill the same needs. To see what I use to replace things.

To be free of things that keep us small, however innocent they look, there comes a time when there habits start to annoy the crap out of you and you become too curious for the alternatives.

So here we go:

Bottom lines:

  • No wine. & No diet coke. As in both are sort of daily thing and I want it to be a never thing.The wine I will probably go back to after this month, because I do love it and I do think it brings me more joy than harm when the intentions and the vibes are right. It is about not drinking it when it is just out of habit, and it is about pausing so I can become more clear about when and why and how I feel like I need it so after I can go back with more awareness and drink in a way that feels more "right".The diet coke I guess is just poison and is very hard to justify. It is an empty habit that brings me nothing really, an old belief that I can only drink "zero"-stuff, a belief that it helps keep me awake when I am bored at work, an easy option.As in,drink the good stuff and the pure stuff and feel the difference.

  • No breakfast except for breakfast.As in no toasts with Nutella for dinner when I am too tired to make a more decent choice. No granola for snacks. As in just for breakfast. As in suck it up and be more creative, cook for yourself, get fruits, get more exciting things. Find variety and colors. Find the abundance of other options. Find comfort outside of comfort food. If you want chocolate, go out and buy yourself a decent brownie.As in ORGANIZE. Go shopping before, plan your meals a little, have some structure in your week, prepare things so you have easy options available and you don't have to do the thinking when you are tired. (Grow up.)As in: eat the high vibe stuff and feel the difference.

  • Less crap. In general.As in less tv-shows, and social media. As in golden self-care. More books and poetry and drawing. More baths and scrubs and face-masks. More just breathing and quiet time. More writing. More calling friends. More beach and tanning. More creativity, clarity. More feeling feelings. More palo santo and scented candles, more hugs, more long walks, more yoga. More dancing. More quality.And feel the difference.

This, for now. September, here we go. I have been waiting for you.

Are you with me?