Self-talk 2.0



Nothing to give but me and my internal peptalks. Part one here. Because we are always moving and the things we need to hear are always different and always the same. Amen.

Heal - take your time.

Stay away from extremes. Hot and cold is not a good combination.

Eat your Strepsils. Drink your water.

Heal - take your time.

Listen to your cravings,

They are arrows to pleasure,

Not pathways to guilt.

Come home to yourself and you will never lose your way.

Love comes first.

Yoga and writing come second.

The rest comes whenever,

yet all is love.

Simplify your life.

Celebrate intensity - disregard melodrama.



Don't fight the heat.

No heavy to do-list. Cancel plans for hiking.

Drink Aloe. Watch TV shows under the fans breeze.

Don't fight the heat, it is trying to tell you something.



It is melting eveything away all you don't need.

Let go.

Become light.


Choose light.

Beyonce, always.

Always stay grateful, best revenge is your paper.