Sea Teachings

teaching lesson growth

teaching lesson growth

I have been going to the beach every chance I get. To the sea.

She calls me, she teaches me. To be solid and vast and powerful and Strong. She does not move, she stays where she is for centuries.Her depth holds so much mystery. Her presence is stable, she gives everyone a relief. When they look at the ocean long enough, there is always an answer there.

And at the same time she is always in motion. She always plays. Her waves rolling over each other, ready to meet us at her edge. She is not afraid to give and interact, let ships ride on her back, let us dive into her surface, spend time there. She is different everyday, adapts to the wind. She has a temper. She plays. She meets us where we are, feet in the sand.

She tells me to be both. Be the deep and the waves. Know what is eternal and play in the moment.

She tells me I am home in the mess. So I go see her as often as I can. To be reminded.

And I wanted to remind you.