Seventh Chakra. Your divinity.

Chakra journey - season finale. Whe have travelled through our bodies and our energy centers in the last few weeks. I hope you have been able to follow along, taking stock of where you are, what you like and what you can improve. Know that you can always start back at the beginning and go through all of it again, or just revisit the chakra's that need most balancing and attention. But for now, the seventh and last chakra.

This week we arrive at the crown of the head. The last chakra is complements the first chakra. Whereas our root chakra connected us to the earth and our body, the crown chakra connects us to the universe and our soul. We build a bridge to unite the two, all the work on ourselves gets integrated in existence itself.

This is where it gets spiritual for real. How exactly, that is up to you!

The seventh chakra, or your crown is all about divinity, connection and bliss. 

Its element is thought. 

Its color is white. 




In the crown chakra, we get to the boundary of our body, the inside and the outside. And we learn to let go, to no longer be confined by our limits and boundaries.

We give it up, we stop fighting and surrender, we let go a little, we allow ourselves to be guided. Guided by the "good", by a higher power, by our higher self, by Mohammed, Jesus, Buddha, or all of the above.

We learn to transcend our selves, to expand our focus on our own little magnificently complicated life, and see how tiny they are in the bigger picture of it all. We meet the universe, and we bow. We allow ourselves to be in wonder and in awe. We learn to transcend ourselves, and in that, we meet the universe.

After all the work we have done on this ride, to balance and integrate ourselves, to optimize our life, here we learn to give it up, to allow ourselves to be carried and supported. By God, by our lovers, by nature, by the universe. We liberate ourselves of the pressure.

It feels liberating, it feels magical. This act is radical: you give up control, and you trust. You do what you can (remember the other chakra's are in place to keep you grounded and keep you doing the material work). You do what you can but you let go of your attachment to the outcome. Instead of expectations and obligations, you make space for trust and faith.


A side effect of getting outside your bubble and noticing something higher is that it allows you to experience connection. It allows you to realize how everything is interrelated. How the moon and the ocean are reflected in your own cycle, in how your body ebbs and flows through the month. You feel how the sun affects your body and how you vibe with other people. You learn to feel the pain of people in far away countries and you learn to see the things that link us all. How we all dance in our religions, how we all feel and eat and hunger for meaning.

That sense of connection instead of separation is a deeply spiritual state. Something that we all reach once in a while, but it is hard to stay in that state when life gets in the way. When you have a job interview and need to compete, when the subway is busy, when one group of people attracts your own.

But the connection is always there to tap into, and when we tap into it, we expand it, our actions reflect it and we bring more and more of it into the world. Expanding peace. Making it easier for other people to join the ride.


The goal of spirituality is to deeply feel and experience all of life. You learn to live in a higher states. You choose joy over the alternatives again and again untill it becomes a constant state in your life. You radiate. There is a sense of calm and peace, now that you feel supported, an undeniable strength and attraction.

It is different for everyone. I am no guru. I will just leave you with this; whenever you feel bliss, follow it. There is truth and answers there. Follow the clues, be present with it, do not try to hold on to it, but invite it in, make it comfortable. Trust it. Get to know it. And it will come back to you.


  • Meditation

  • prayer

  • Sunbathing

  • Trance, dance

  • Smoke some weed if you will

  • Enjoy your life

  • Travel

  • Care for your planet and other people

  • Gratitude lists

  • Rituals

  • sing

  • Hug

  • Be kind

This goes beyond words - so I will leave you with this. Go all the way up in life, don't stop at the first chakra and live a life of material things and looks. Don't stop at the second, stuck in emotions and pleasure and cravings. Don't get trapped in ego. Keep going up and up - wear your crown. You are made for this.