My nature


There is ground in me , solid and ever present. Full of recources, seeds to grow. Steady. I work on the soil , diligent and according to plan.

But the river in me rushes through its silence. Ever moving and flowing, shapeshifting and loud.

The ground fights the water, because it erodes my boundaries and edges - trying desperatley to keep them in place. The water roars, it does not want to be contained.

As long as I try to be water , I am fight. As long as I try to be earth, I am struggle.It is only when I rise above and become the both that I become - whole.

I start to see the sand on the earth, swirling in the wind - reflecting the motion on the water in itself. I start to see that the pulse of the river, the direction towards the ocean, the flow from the source is just as consistent as gravity.

I start to see that what I experienced as fight is a dance of giving and receicing , that can be seen when the need to control is dropped.

The ground is holding the river, carrying and channeling her energy. The river in me starts to see their was no need to handle intensity on her own and relaxes in the direction provided.

The flow becomes wildness you can built with. The water nourishes everything on its way and the strength she saves turns seeds into flowers. The earth learns to relax its rigidity and turn it into rythm, inviting the river into the juice of its fruit.

As long as I try to be water , I am fight. As long as I try to be earth, I am struggle. It is only when I rise above and become both that I become - whole.

As long as I chose to compete in myself, I am defeated. It is when I let go of how I think it is supposed to be, that I allow myself to become as I am.

I am the juicy fruits. I am the solid rocks and the rushing water. I no longer want to be the fight, but allow the rythm to do what it needs to do. I step back, allow, trust my nature. Its wisdom is more than I can ever know for sure, but all it needs is for me to trust. To work with it instead of against it. To sit back and relaxes once in a while, notice my colors and soak in my sunshine.