Sixth Chakra. Your Knowing

On we go, up up up. Arriving in the depths of our minds - right there in the third eye. A mystical place. The land of knowledge and insights and association. We move past black and white thinking, the need to determine whether things are right or wrong, and beyond that lies a more nuanced way to look at the world. Our mind causes heartbreak, often makes us feel anxious, often also brings us great insights and clarity. The mind when we let it run the show, often leaves us empty and confused. But when we learn to integrate it and balance it, when we let it work together with the other parts of ourselves, brings us home. It lets us understand our surroundings and our place in the world, it lets us understand how flowers grow, how cultures are built, how our bodies function and it lets us remember our friends names and our favorite recipes. In our thinking we develop a sense of who we are, what our purpose is and how we can best get there.

When we learn to let our minds do their job, without sliding away in obsession or escapism, the mind can bring us home.

The sixth chakra, or the third eye is all about wisdom, self-awareness and vision. 

Its color is violet. 

Its element is light.  

sixth chakra

sixth chakra


We all think. From the moment we wake up untill we go to sleep, even when we dream our mind is active in fantasy. We all think - that is not a choice. But we can choose how we think. We can choose to stand in our lives with open-minds. We can choose not to build rigid structures in our head of judgement but instead allow our thinking to be ever evolving, ever-expanding, ever more understanding.

We can fight our limiting beliefs, untill we stand in the world with less of a filter, with less separation and less resistance. When we let go of thoughts that hold us back personally (I can't do that because...) or culturally (That group of people is bad because...) we open up possibility for truth, connection and really participating with reality.

Often we feel safe holding onto illusions and stereotypes, but that is not where wisdom is found. That is a way of thinking that keeps us in one place - a comfortable place, but no adventure lives there.

The challenge is to learn to look at the world as it is - not just from our ego's but taking the big picture as our starting point. Can you look without a filter?


The next step is to take that way of looking at the world and apply it to how you look at yourself. This self-awareness is different from feeling self-conscious, which contains so much judgement. The self-awareness I am talking about brings these qualities of honesty, purity and open-mindedness to how we see ourselves. There is no ego here to say what is right and what is not.

Become the observer. Of your own mind, and life. Instead of being caught up in all that happens, feeling overwhelmed and run down, see if you can rise above. See yourself from up there. This extra space will allow you to really see you. To act instead of react. To have insight instead of just a coping mechanism. To create change instead of repetition.

Instead of being a slave to your quirks and habits and reactions, you become aware of them. And this awareness brings with it the option to choose and to take responsibility. To be the owner of your life. To infuse your actions with your intuition and with a sense of what is good for you and good for the bigger picture. To go beyond automatic hustling to aligned flow.


Combine that wisdom with self-awareness and you get clarity on your place in the world. Your position in all of it. You can use that knowledge about yourself to see how you can best serve the big picture.

This gives a strong sense of direction and purpose, a compass to follow. And a compass heals, it is the antidote to feeling empty and meaningless. It gives you something to fight for, it keeps you going. It guides you - from one moment to the next.

Don't try to catch and define your vision right now, let it change with you, let it evolve as you move through the world, but let it be infused with wisdom and self-awareness. Ego and self-consciousness do not have the answers. That is the shift: come home to what is real, to what is undeniably true for you, to what you know in your belly, your heart and your mind at once - that right there, that is it. That is what matters.


  • Purple foods and drinking red wine

  • Meditation

  • Keep learning and trying new things

  • Read books

  • Intellectually challenge yourself

  • Get lots of sleep

  • Spend time alone

  • Hear your thoughts

  • Stimulate your forehead in child pose or headstand

The wisdom and awareness created here in the third eye will flow down to the other chakra's and can be used as a balancing tool. Awareness will make it easier to judge and decide on what you need to ground, how you can deal with your emotions, how you can act on your willpower. Being open-minded will make it easier to love and to express yourself.

Staying open and self-aware demands us to stay present. There are no short cuts here. There is no other way then simply be here - fully. Take part in life. Do not deny any part of it. Take it all in. What a big thing to do, what a beautiful ride this will be.


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