Fourth Chakra. Your Heart.

This week, we move forward with our chakra journey - landing in our hearts. The very center of our being, a beautiful place we should all spend more time. Except it feels so damn vulnerable to call it home. We are getting to a place where it is not just up to us anymore. It is about expanding and including the people and places that you love AND that you don't love as well. Don't fear - you have the building blocks from the lower chakra's to support you: a strong connection to your foundation (root chakra), a healthy emotional flow (sacral chakra) and enough ego and willpower to keep up your boundaries (solar plexus). It is here in the heart chakra that we get to use the built-up energy of the lower chakras and put it to use in the world and be of service.

The heart chakra is about unity, forgiveness and kindness. 

Its color is green or pink. 

Its element is air. 

chakra 4

chakra 4


Unity is the essence of yoga. The meaning of the actual word "yoga" in Sanskrit is union. As we progress in our practise and in our lives it becomes clear that all is one. There is no oxygen for us to breathe without the trees who produce it, there is no world for us to live on without the sun to light it. In the end, what affects one piece of the whole, will affect it all.

This also means that what you do for others is what you do for yourself. When you cause hurt to another, you eventually hurt yourself. And that is the tricky thing of the heart: to find a balance between the self and the other.

You are not to pour all your love out into the world, without taking care of the Self. self-love is the best thing you can do for others. If you love yourself, you love the world.  When you love yourself, you take care of your space. Then others feel comfortable when they enter your home. You feel good so you smile and smiles are contagious. You feel strong and confident so you are better able to do your work. You love yourself first, so so much, that it overflows. You make sure you are full, so you have something to offer in your relationships. As you lean on others, they will have something to lean back onto as well.

Because others are the other part of this: relationships. With your one true love, with your best friends, with your one and complicated family, with strangers, with people who hurt you. The soul relationships that feel healing or joyful and the social conventions that feel like a burden.

Who are you in your relationships?

The self and the other, your individuality and the collective. You need to be you, your experience of this life starts from inside. You need to be you in order to be in the world. But you also need a context to be in, to hold you up, the support you: you need others. There is not one without the other, and as is becoming clear again and again: we need to find our middle ground and stand their strongly.

Don't be a self-centered asshole. Go within, yes. Find the magnificence of your being, your talents and your wounds. Go deep. Spend time alone. Take care of yourself, indulge. But come up and share, give back out what you find there. Give who you are.

Don't be a people pleasing chicken either. Don't go running around meeting other people's expectations without listening to your own desires. Don't say yes to everything without hearing it resonate inside. Don't follow fashion police to fit in. Take care of others, yes. Give with all of your heart, but not from empty hands. Invite people at your table. Tell your stories. Connect, connect, connect. But do not lose yourself.

Find unity. Find a place for it all in your life. Find a place in your life for it all. You are small but you are the universe.


From this understanding of unity, we can drop the idea of separation. When we do that, the natural way to be in this world is ... kindness. It is the only way to be. When we come from a place of connection - intuition will tell us to follow love in our actions, to choose light. It is not always easy to stay connected to intuition, and to hear it underneath all the mind chatter.

We are not just heart - we are mind, ego, hurt, society, pride. We are not always in our hearts and that is okay. It is a process of coming back to it whenever we can. Of taking care of ourselves so we get ourselves to a level where we have enough goodness, to dare share it. If you feel poor or overwhelmed, work on your root chakra, stay close to your foundation for a while, and it will be easier to love. If you are sad, take care of the feeling first. Hear yourself and listen, let it flow in your sacral chakra and you will be able to show up for others. If feel insignificant - get into your core, go do something, chase your dreams so that from that place of empowerment you will be able to lead others.

You start where you are and whenever possible you remember your heart and you act from kindness. Kindness always comes from a place of abundance - of sharing. So we need to elevate ourselves to get there. Again and again, untill it becomes more and more familiar. It becomes so familiar that it nourishes you back: you give and it energizes you so you can give more. It becomes a loop of kindness and you are able to stay in that heart-space. It becomes so strong that what you get from others overflows back into you and strengthens all of the other chakras. I am grateful just thinking about it.


When we are all one, it becomes our natural instinct to take care. To support, rather than destruct. Uplift rather than tear down. Cooperate rather than compete. We choose lightness.

Anger is heavy. Resentment is heavy. We hold on to it and we block ourselves. We hold on to it and we keep that energy alive in the world. When we let go, we create space for something new. In ourselves. In our connections to others. The principle is as simple as that: forgive, drop the load, create space. It is simple yet one of the hardest practices in the world because resentment and pride is the ego's little playground, but it is so powerful when we choose to forgive.

Find the courage to forgive. Watch it change your life.


  • How can you love yourself more? How can you take care of yourself more? Romance your damn self, take yourself out on a date.

  • How can you love others more? How can you take care of others?

  • What do you have to give?

  • Tell people you love them and what you need to feel loved.

  • What boundaries do you need to have?

  • When is it easy for you to be kind, a natural reaction? With who? When is it hard?

  • How is your relationship?

  • Which connections in your life feel easy, and which ones are heavy?

  • Who do you need to forgive? Who needs to forgive you?

  • What do you need to forgive yourself for? What have you already given yourself forgiveness for?

  • Meditate and send love to people, literally, metaphorically, however you please.

  • Put your hand on your heart and breathe. Find your heartbeat.

  • Random acts of kindness, always. Give some money to a beggar, give a hug to a friend, do the damn dishes.

  • Surround yourself with green and pink.

  • Do heart opening yoga poses, bend your back. Create physical space inside your ribcage.

  • Be grateful, be grateful, be grateful.

  • Mantras: I am love. I am light. All is one. I forgive, I let go.

The more we strengthen our heart, the more it becomes the seat of our being. Our center where everything comes together. On the one hand, you have the lower chakras; in your root, you connect to your body and build your foundation. On the other hand, you have the higher chakras; we will say they are more mental and deal with your vision.

The action happens mainly in the third and fourth chakra: this is where our inner life finds expression in the other world. Where what is in, comes out. The 3rd chakra focusses mainly on our individual power and manifestation of our goals. The fourth chakra, now, is where we invite others to connect and join forces to make magic. 

Magic is made when we dare to be vulnerable enough to live from our hearts, invite the mind in, but as a servant of the heart. Invite the ego in, but in service of the world.