Lessons From A Tree



Trees are the embodiment of abundance.

I sit and read on my terrace. It's first time I sit here. We just got this place, I look around. I see the tree, there are lights we can light up when it is dark. A sign of tipsy summernights to come, evening meditations, yoga sessions and late night talks. There is a table where I will write on, eat breakfast in the morning. Relax after work.

I sit and try to read, my mind wanders off to the life still to come. What if? Who will be the people to visit? How will my dreams support this life? Can they? Money, opportunities, decisions. I sit and think, try to plan.

I reach for my tea. It is filled with flowers and little leaves. My hair is covered with them as well.

The tree is there, shedding its flowers while I think about the future. Knowing she can't hold on to every flower she births. If she wants to grow more, she needs to let go.

I look up and nod. Yes. I exhale.

I sit on my terrace and let go.

I listen to the teacher that is there. The tree over my head. Rooted in abundance. It does not chase the rain, it does not question if the sun will shine. It is rooted in trust that what she needs will come, that she has what she needs to bloom so she does.

I sit on my terrace and let go. I start growing my flowers.