Third Chakra. Your Solar Plexus

Welcome back to our chakra journey. This week we travel into the core, into our bellies to spend some time around our center. This is where our solar plexus, our third chakra has its home. This chakra comes with its own light and its own struggles. We often fight our bellies, and we avoid showing them or showering them in love. We often battle our ego's that are connected to this weeks theme as well. The ego is the biggest obstacle here, it blocks us from shining our purest life. But once we learn to work our ego, to befriend it start using it in our benefit...  when we learn how to align the power of the solar plexus with where we want to go in our lives: we unlock some serious magic.

The solar plexus, or the third chakra has everything to do with self-esteem and willpower. 

Its color is yellow.

Its element is fire.




Do you have high self-esteem? Do you feel worthy? Do you like yourself and belief in what you have to offer? It is a tricky thing sometimes. One day it is strong - too strong even, where you take what you receive for granted. An other day it is weak - you compare and you wonder why you even started. Making this steady is not an easy task: having a steady view of yourself based on what you believe to be true is hard in a world where we so often look outside for answers.

We give the power of validation away all the time: to Instagram and parents expectations. Instead of looking at other people for inspiration, we look at them and we think we should be like that.

I remember just starting out with yoga, I would compare myself with the girl in the class who obviously did it before and had so much grace in her movement. I looked at the teacher who had so much wisdom, naming the poses in Sanskrit. Oh it sounded like poetry to me. I was drawn to it, in a healthy way. But sometimes it is not healthy and you start being in that yoga class from your ego.

Today, I have that grace in how I move, I live the wisdom of yoga that this teacher told me about on that first day. Often when I go to a studio, people come and tell me they looked at me. Isn't it ironic? I became everything I longed to be in that moment - but I feel just the same; I compare myself to girls who travel the world teaching yoga and who hold a handstand for forever. Ego. I don't want to be them, I don't necessarily believe in what they portray - but sometimes your ego will just convince you that that is the next standard you need to live up to. But then what?

It is an endless road, and as long as you walk it, your ego will have you chasing the next layer of "success" without really feeling into where you are now. You need to be able to set it aside, and to be grateful for the grace and the embodied wisdom that you have already while you consciously work towards grace in handstands.

Wanting to better yourself is natural, it is what guides us, what drives us forward as individuals and as humanity. But wanting to better yourself without hating where you are now is what makes it worth it. Wanting to better yourself in a sustainable and holistic way - with ease - is worth so much more than wanting to better yourself according to the quick fixes that society puts in our faces.

Having self-esteem, feeling confident, means that no matter where you are in life, no matter where you want to go from there, you are enough as you are in this moment as well. Having self-esteem means you nurture yourself and you give yourself the best care so that you can grow. Just like a plant grows when it gets water and sunshine, we grow when we take care of ourself and nurture all that we are now. We will get where we want to go a lot faster than when we push and struggle our way there.


The solar plexus is also where we access our willpower. This is the basis of what it means to live from your center; to make decisions from the inside out in a way that feels good, rather than blindly being guided by external sources. This is what it means to follow what feels good for you, giving it power by trusting it and acting on it and seeing how that elevates your life.

Willpower is what you need to manifest what you dream about into the world, to make the transition from fantasy and idea into real living. Willpower is where you stop playing a victim in your life, a passive undergoing of circumstance and where you make the shift to taking radical responsibility to go in the direction of your purpose.

Willpower here is connected to our true desires, ambitions, and goals for our lives. When we can harness our willpower in service of that, we flourish. When we can control our energy to fuel our way, when we can direct all our strength here - we will get to where we want to go, grow into who we want to be, naturally.


  • What does it feel like to stand in your power?

  • What does it feel like when you don't?

  • When do you feel most confident?

  • Eat yellow foods, use yellow crystals.

  • Interact with fire: light a candle.

  • Do some core work, strengthen those abs, get a sweat on.

  • Mantra: "I love and accept myself". "I am strong". "I can and I will". "I am enough".

  • Meditate and imagine the body, specifically the belly, filling up with sunlight.

What it comes down to is cultivating a feeling of standing in your power, and the ability to live confidently in the direction of your dreams. The solar plexus is crucial for living in vision. Our solar plexus is balanced when we marry feeling good enough with our desire to improve. Then it is possible to progress while staying connected to the soul-purpose, rather than the ego-desire. Then it is possible to act on how you feel, truly, radically and unapologetically. Then you are strong.