Sacral Chakra. Your flow.

Last two weeks ago we talked about the first chakra and it was all about foundation, connection to something that is solid: your center, your core, something that is always there to catch you. This week takes it one step further: into your sacral chakra, located up the spine, at the height of the genitals. Yes. And it is one of play, of flow, where you learn to let go and move with what you have. Here we add the motion to the stability. Once our root chakra is strong, we feel safe and secure enough, to expand beyond it, knowing we can always come back to our base.

When we talk about the sacral chakra, we still talk mostly about our "self" and the body, but we start interacting with the world, we allow it to come into our senses. To deeply feel it.

Your sacral chakra is all about sensuality, emotions and pleasure.

It's color is orange.

It's element is water.




What do you feel, hear, sense, smell, see? The sacral chakra allows us to really be in the world, to feel it. It is not just about survival anymore, but we add the element of enjoyment. We don't eat for the nutrients (root chakra), but also for the taste. We don't have sex because it is our instinct, but we get pleasure out of it - the touch and the movements, the vibes go beyond just the biological.

Our body is not just our home, but a place we like to live. A place where we can throw a party once in a while. This is not just about being alive - but about feeling alive. About having energy.

This deep sensuality is also a state of balance. Chakra's can be blocked - where you would be extremely detached from your senses and pleasure, or your chakra could be overactive, where you would be run by lust and impulses. As always, what we are looking for is a state where your chakra words in a way that serves you.

This sensuality brings us to an edge: how far do we follow our senses and to what extend do we let them run our lives?


Living present in the body and feeling what it is feeling, is strongly connected to our emotions as well. Emotions live in the body. Emotions are strong, they wash over us, often deciding what our day will look like.

A power of the sacral chakra is emotional intelligence. Knowing yourself so well, that you can sail the ship of how you feel. You allow space for what you feel, you deal with what comes up, accept it and redirect your course. The power of the sacral chakra is the ability to deeply feel the fullness of your emotions and experience, but not being bossed around by it.

It is the understanding that when an emotion or experience is good - we enjoy it, and when it is bad - we move through it. It is the understanding of the changing nature of our emotions that color our lives, in a temporary way. Emotions become our teachers, we do not run from them, we do not hold on to them, we let them move through us.

We let them take their time when they hurt - we do not rush. We simply do the work necessary so they can pass through. We stay present with the lesson. We do not hold on to them when they are joyful - we do not cling. We are present with every minute and second of it, letting it fill our soul, we receive what it is here to bring and we let go with trust.

We do not need more or less than the full experience of each present moment.


Pleasure is often made so complex. It is connected to sin and greed and superficial consumption, to ego and to escapism. It is often written off by spiritual people who want to life a life of detachment. Pleasure has been philosophized and theorized and disconnected from what it is. It is often seen as an obstacle to true meaning.

But let's rephrase it as joy. Joy is simple, and joy is an incredible tool in the search of meaning. Pleasure is crucial to our experience of life.

So why is it so complicated? It gets complicated when it is misdirected. When we become so entangled in desire, we start identifying ourselves with it. Pleasure misses its mark when we tip over into addiction, when pleasure is not just a gift but a necessity. Pleasure loses its innocence when we chase it, when we manufacture it, force it and look for it in the wrong places. Pleasure gets twisted when we mix it with fear - that there won't be enough or that it will go away soon. Pleasure gets twisted when we start to grip and cling. Pleasure becomes heavy when we try to get as much as possible for ourselves instead of sharing.

Pleasure in itself can be simple when it is grounded in experience. When the soul is talking and not the ego. When you receive pleasure, you enjoy it while it lasts and you let it go because you trust it will come back. You share. You take only what you need, knowing the world is abundant and you have the power to step into pleasure and to fulfill your needs when necessary. Pleasure then becomes a powerful antidote to the rigidity with which we so often live our lives.

We are often scared of pleasure, because we connect it with loss of discipline. As if the allowance of pleasure, the surrendering to joy, will throw us of our game, will mess with our control. And it can - but with a strong sacral chakra, you can feel this pleasure in a way that stays connected, aligned with your true values and it deepens your experience of life.

Pleasure is a guide when you start following the moments you feel it without guilt, without clinging and without expectation. Follow your bliss. It has just as much to teach you as your pain. Start to trust it.


Here are some tools to do, some questions to think or write about, some ideas to spend time with in order to connect to the second chakra. Take what you need, leave what you don't. I know they are not ready-made solutions - but they will create awareness and solutions come from awareness.

  • Spend some time looking at your relationship to sexuality? Is it blocked or to active? Do you feel like you need it? Do you feel like you want it? Does it feel intimate? Does it feel heavy or does it bring you light?

  • Spend some time being creative. Follow what you feel physically and emotionally and let it express itself.

  • Have some (solo-)sex.

  • Freewrite. Start with "I feel..." and set a timer for 20 min. You can not stop writing, just let it flow. If you don't know what to write, write down that you don't know. Or start with what you feel in your body - how do your clothes feel? What does the chair underneath your bum feel like? Where do you feel your breath?

  • Ask yourself: what can I do now that will make me feel better? It does not have to make you feel extremely good, but just a tiny better than you are feeling now. If you feel horrible, go for a walk, and you might feel shitty. If you feel good, go into the sun and you might feel great. If you feel relaxed, write and you might feel deeply connected. Just experiment with taking control over how you feel and move yourself just that little bit up the ladder of bliss.

  • Eat orange food.

  • Drink water, look at water, swim, take a bath, be around wather.

  • Any time you feel yourself grasping or clinging or controlling - see if you can just be with what is. Be present.

  • Spend some time on your habits. Where do they serve you and where do they keep you small? What is controlling you? What little or big addictions do you have?

  • Where is the guilt in your life?

  • Where is the joy in your life?

  • What are you attracted to?

  • When you think about passion and discipline - pleasure and control, what comes up?

  • How is your energy?

  • Get yourself some orange crystals like citrine, or sunstone.

  • Mantra's: " I love and enjoy my body." "I have healthy boundaries". "I am creative". "I surrender to the experience of this moment."

The sacral chakra is all about your flow, about living a little - or a lot. It is about not being scared of sex, your senses, your emotions and your body. It is about embracing them and trusting them because develop the ability to deal with emotions and urges in a healthy way. You are not run by pleasure, but pleasure serves your life.

If you have any more questions, or you want to talk about these themes deeper: don't hesitate to contact me or write in the comments below.