The root chakra. Your foundation.

Let's dive in with the first one, your root chakra, right at the base of your spine. It is a tough one sometimes - but a crucial one. A place where a lot of us get stuck, but a place you can't avoid. It is the place from where you start, and once it is strong it can overflow, you rise up to other chakra's - to other higher realms. But that will come, let's stay with where we are, right here. At the start. We build our foundation so it can carry us through life. So when all else gets rocky when come back here. I have been struggling a lot with this one the last few weeks - so it is a bit confronting to write this. A lot of lessons around these themes have come up with the move to Barcelona.  I do not have it all together, I go up and down. Chakra's strengthen and weaken, it is a continuous dance of paying attention and then focussing on what needs to be done.

First we'll go in to the themes it touches on with questions to think about, and then I will give you some ways to strengthen this chakra.

Your root chakra is your home, your health, your material wealth and your grounding. 

It's color is red. It's element is the earth.

root chakra

root chakra


Moving from Belgium to Barcelona has uprooted this, and that is okay. I don't have a home and it scares the shit out of me. We look, we get close, it is a no. I cry, we look again. I long for a place to rest and let go. I want to arrive. Which is bringing up the question: How can I rest and let go in other ways? Why am I so dependent on a home? How can I be okay with the process?

I have to find a sense of home in different ways. I felt lost, but slowly, I find my way to doing yoga and meditating and writing wherever I am, finding a home in the practises.  I walk the streets and starting to see this city as my own.

Home is shifting, and shifts are uncomfortable, but I keep searching for them.

So in a nutshell - this is where I am at.

Take a moment to see what home is for you.

Do you feel safe there? Is it made out of people? A city, a country?

What habits live there? Which once serve you and which ones don't?

Are you comfortable there? Or are you too comfortable? See, a home is not made to hide the world from you. however you understand the concept of home, it is supposed to be a place to recharge, from which you can go back out into the world with renewed energy. With a connection to your own power. If you notice your home is very small and you don't go out very much, maybe question how you can feel at home in the world...

How do you recreate the feeling of being at home when you need it?


Your body is your anchor here. Whenever life goes chaotic around you, you can come back to into your body. Out if the mind. Find an anchor here.

The root chakra is the most material of all seven chakra's. It is the most tangible, the most concrete. Feelings and beliefs are invisible, they change, they are hard to interact with, but home and body and the earth are always here to come back to.

This is all about making friends with your body, taking care for it the best you can. Living in it, fully. Not just letting it come along for the ride, but really be in it, feel it, nurture it. Value it.

Support your body so it can support your life.

It sounds simple but it is hard to do.

What part of you says hell yes to this? Where do you feel resistance?

In what ways are you already celebrating your body?

How are you eating? Do you listen to it? Do you feel it's needs?

Is your body a safe place for you?

Can you stop and really feel it? What do you see, what do you feel? Your clothes on your skin, your legs on the chair, feet on the ground? Do you feel your breath? Do you feel warm? Cold?


A lot of these themes go back to survival and feeling secure. Having a roof over our head, a healthy body, food to eat are crucial. Without that, there is no life, there are no chakra's to talk about.

But for some reason, a lot of yogi's and spiritual people move away from the material world. We feel uncomfortable with the system and the obligations and the paperwork, and consumerism and we pull back. Some people do the opposite; they focus so much on money and things and accumulation that they never leave this chakra. Their life is centered around this.

The challenge here is to find balance. To find something that works for us. And maybe the sky and the earth, the material and the spiritual are not opposites at all. Money is energy, we spend it in a way that expresses who we are, what we buy and where has a lot of impact. And if we want to be spiritual conscious people, money is a great tool: to buy books, to travel, to support your mission.

Surely, now that I am wanting to make yoga and coaching my job - I have linked the two. Yoga is not just yoga, it become a job. And coaching also needs to pay the bills. It is a difficult shift to deal with, but a beautiful one as well.

We want to feel secure.

This little article leaves no space for deep investigations into our relationship with money (maybe another time) but you know for yourself if this is something you struggle with.

How do you feel about money? About financial independence?

Are you making money the way you want to? Making enough?

How are you spending it?

Do you buy things you don't need? Do you feel good or guilty after you shop? What is your intention behind spending money?

What material goals do you hold for yourself?


Last but not least: the root chakra is all about feeling grounded. Having your place in the world, nurturing your body and having the means to support yourself. But grounding is also a very emotional - mental thing.

It is about coming back to the moment. About leaving the over thinking for what it is, and focusing on what matters.

It is about having ways to deal with anxiety. About coming from a pace of trust and confidence. It is about having a strong sense of self that is independent from what is happening around you. A sense of your core. About being able to center yourself, and navigate the world from that place instead of being just a reaction to what happens to you.

And that, is a superpower.


Each chakra comes with certain practises and ways to play with it. To strengthen it, or simply spend some time on it.

Whatever you come up with for yourself that deals with these themes is good too, but I will give you some suggestions.

  • Play around with the color red. Wear it in your clothes, draw something with red colors, eat red foods.

  • Get yourself some red, earthy, black or brown crystals to help keep you grounded (Like Jasper or Hematite).

  • Go out in nature, interact with your surroundings.

  • Move your body, go for a run, do yoga.

  • Cook.

  • Upgrade your home. Redesign, shift some things around, buy some candles, make yourself comfortable.

  • Stop and feel your breath...

  • Meditate. As you sit on the ground imagine strong roots going down into the earth.

  • Work with mantras: "I am safe, rooted and grounded." "I love being in my body." I am at peace with the material world in which I live." "I let go of fear". Or simply: "I am".

The root chakra talks about your foundation. You have to build this before you can go up to the other chakras. As we go on from here, each chakra moves more and more up in the body, higher into our consciousness, and out into the world. But we start with ourselves.  From here you can rise, without losing your way. You can go without losing your essence.

If you have any more questions, or you want to talk about these themes deeper: don't hesitate to contact me or write in the comments below.