Vision Series: Sofia Indy

Today on the vision series: Miss Sofia Indy. An incredible friend. A soulsister. An brave seaker and teacher, always going with what feels good. From lawyer to yogi, traveler and writer, there is honesty and vulnerability and strength in all she does. She calls herself a travelling yogi for now, and she imagines herself to be a star (and so do I).You can find her and her words through Facebook (Sofia Indy), Instagram (sof_indy), Medium (Sofia Indy - @sofindy) and Twitter (sofindy).



What are the three main themes your life is about? 

Love Travel Art

What does your vision for life look like?

I'm not sure yet but I see countries, USA - South America, Central America, UK - Europe, I hope to move around often, for my job, I hope my job will be what I'm doing for a living, my classes, YOGA, English, dance - free movement, soulful movement, I hope to bring peace wherever I go, to be the light, to shine bright.

When did it start to take shape in your mind?

When I quit my law firm job in 2015.

When/why did you make the decision to fully embrace it and go for it?

I did so in 2015, when I started teaching and trusting my vision, the Universe, full-time (until I ran out of energy, money, signed up for a part-time job, while I continued teaching, practising, my truth)

How far along are you in making it your reality? Has it shifted a bit since you first started?

I feel I'm only 30% far, although I did invest lots of time, money and energy in making my wish come true.

I got tons of training, experience and knowledge but I feel I'm not quite there yet, something is still holding me back (it is mostly my Self, not trusting my Self enough to fully go for it, put myself out there).

What have been the biggest obstacles/challenges along the way and how do you deal with them?

 I find it hard to hold on to my vision when times get rough (financially, practically, emotionally).

It is often easy to go for a daytime job, postpone your vision - dreams - wishes until later (as if we're not quite ready yet).

Truth is, we are ready the moment we 


to be ready, for what's next.

What have you learned from choosing to chase your vision that you did not expect?

Often, when we choose to make something happen, it happens for us - that is, if you put all your time and energy into it, it happens for you (not against you)

Life happens for us, not against us - only it can be terrifying, to go with the flow, as it is overwhelming sometimes to let life happen, not control it (we so often try to manipulate a certain outcome, story, success).

I'm working with this, I try to let life happen as much as possible, often the things I resist the most bring me utterly joy while the things I plan carefully, do not work out as planned.

Do you have any practises that balance you out, or keep you grounded along this path?

Yes, my grounding practices are YOGA, meditation, art - my writing, respecting my inner flow, if I go against it, I block (which doesn't show immediately, but usually after, in some sort of addictive behaviour).

I use the term addiction quite large, it concerns food, TV, screen surfing - whatever I do to numb what I feel in the very moment.

The less I numb what I feel, the more the magic happens (within my writing, YOGA, art).

What mantra/thought keeps you going?

don't define, just do / you are enough / what would love do? / choose love, not fear

What do you wish you knew before starting? Any advice for others? Books or resources?

yes, I wish I'd believe in myself way more way sooner - I still struggle with self-love, body image, my inner critic is often holding me back, to go where I need to be in this very moment

Have you had any mentors or examples along the way? Fictional or real life, may be famous, may be your grandma.

Yes, plenty (Marie Forleo, Gabrielle Bernstein, Talia Sutra).

And some real life friends, truly supporting me and accompanying me on my quest to become someone I'm not yet, to continue moving forward, to not give up, just yet (Thank you, An-Sofie :)).

Thank you, honored to have a friend like you by my side!