Direct Your Flow, Using Your Chakras

Bam. Things were going relatively fine: you are juggling activities, projects, chasing dreams, social life, and... yet all of a sudden you can't really remember why you are doing what you are doing and how you got there. As if suddenly you open your eyes and it all seems strange, your feelings are chaos. You want to write them down, but you can't quite get to what matters. You want to cry but you can't point out why. You start overdoing it or you simply throw in the towel. There is a lot of flow - but it is misdirected. Your riverbanks are weak and the water overflows on the side instead of steadily flowing forward.

Or you are trying really hard, and you know what you want and you work your ass of for a job, you are on all the dating apps that exist, you meditate everyday and still there you are: jobless, loveless and restless. You put so much effort into everything and yet you feel stuck. Ready to give up or wanting to try even harder.

There is a lot of energy, but the flow is blocked. Maybe there is a dam in your river, the water crashes into it, has nowhere to go and builds up in front of it.



There is always flow. Flow is good - but not all flow is equal. Sometimes you simply flow too far away from the source, or you flow in little streams that all go in different directions never finding the ocean you long for. Sometimes you have direction but the flow is blocked by limiting beliefs and other obstacles so there is nowhere to go. The goal is to have a steady stream of clear water from your center within (source) to your purpose out in the world (ocean) 

That way, all of you is on the same team: body, mind and soul are moving you in the same direction. Your environment, your emotions, your power, your relationships, your creativity, your intellect, your spirituality and your subconscious are all working together. That is the essence of holistic living: having a strong vision of where you want to go - and then organizing your life in a way that supports that vision. 

It is not an easy task but taking the responsibility to direct your flow - with awareness and intention, is the only way to take ownership of your life. You become the captain of your own ship, setting the course.

It is work. It is hard. It is messy and overwhelming. But it is incredibly enriching, fulfilling and opening at the same time. The healing can hurt, the facing of your inner demons can be scary and accepting what you find can be humbling. But the blossoming gives so much joy. The unlocking of creativity and the clarity gives so much meaning, the groundedness and confidence that comes with knowing yourself deeply, gives so much trust and peace. It is work, but it is the most meaningful work I ever did.

We are not chasing perfection here, we are going for balance. Balance is not a static thing, but a  dance. It is about how you can grow without losing your ground, how you can stay rooted without being stagnant. It is a game, not a grasping and putting everything in rules. It is endless unfolding and experiencing new things; it is continuous adjustment. 

It is not an easy task, but having a system to guide you, can give you a place to start. I am talking about the chakra system as a way to integrate all parts of your life, letting them work together and integrating them in our flow. Instead of giving an elaborate explanation of what that all means I will leave you with this video.  Because it is pretty and cute and tells you all you need to know for now.

Using the chakra's, the energy centers in our body, can be a way to systematically look at different areas of your life: physically, emotionally, mentally. You can get as spiritual as you want with it, putting crystals on those areas, working with the colors. You can do yoga poses that open and balance that specific area if you believe in mind-body connection. Or you can stay very down to earth and just use the themes to see where in your life you can improve on that area or what beliefs you are carrying with you.

Don't over think it. I got you. I will post a series on each of the chakra's in the following months. You can take what speaks to you, and leave what doesn't. You can simply read it, or you can follow along and work on all of your chakra's from the first one to the last as we go. Or you can simply pick one that speaks to you and focus on that one for a longer while.

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Flow on.