Sweet Relaxation



Relaxation is underrated - even though it has become a buzzword, we all still feel like we need to "deserve it". Like we need to sweat it out first in our yoga before we can lie down and let go. We need to finish our tasks before we can breathe. We feel like we can only hug it out after the fight is over. We treat ourselves only when the challenge is won.

But why?

What if we would just drop in to relaxation in the middle of it all. Soften before we move, so we can access a whole new layer of experience. Breathe in the middle of our day. A to-do list can wait, will be worked at more effectively when you are fully present for it. The loving touch will help you resolve the fight faster.

Why do we make relaxation so conditional?

It is very hard to be "hard" in a soft body. It is very hard to move rigidly when you bring some fluidity intoto it. It is very hard to be angry when your muscles are relaxed. It is very hard to be anxious and stressed when you feel all the space that is available inside of you. 

Relaxation is not the reward, it is the place to start from. Find it, let it change your life. 

I mean it:


take a moment.

Sit down, lay down as you wish.

Give yourself the gift of feeling yourself,

deeply, and fully.

One hand on your chest,

One hand on your belly.

Breathe in and expand,

inviting in all that you desire.

Breathe out and let go,

clear away what you no longer need.

Breathe in and expand,

Breathe out and let go.

Ride your waves,

feel your rhythm,

fully and deeply.

And arrive there - in that space,

where the artificial falls away

and all that is left is organic.


Here and now,

take this moment,


And now: let it run your life.