New Year - It reads like a poem

I sit down to write down what I want to see in 2018. You can call it resolutions - I prefer intentions, visualizations, dreams and hopes. I sit down to write and it flows out of me. I want x, I desire y, I embody z. It is a lot. I am overwhelmed. Untill I read it again, it reads like a poem. It reads like last year. I read it again and I realize it is the path I am already on. I want to step more fully into myself - be all in this life.

There is "no new year new me" in this story.  I read the magnitude of what I want and realize I am already on my way.

So here it is, for you: the poem of what I am becoming.

new year rainbow

new year rainbow

This year I vow to continue walking the path that I am on.

This year I marry my intensity with being grounded.

This year my wild and calm become players of the same team.

This grace and courage are my best friends.

This year I want to have deep conversations.

This year is for making new friends.

This year am upgrading what I understand as “nourishment”.

This year I wear more red lipstick.

This year is for spontaneous dance sessions.

This year I want to hold him and kiss him always – or a lot.

This year I move – I move my body. I move to Spain.

This year I start a business.

This year I build us a home.

This year I want to hold a handstand.

This year is for yoga, yoga, yoga.

This year I drink an appropriate amount of wine.

This year I make art without judging the outcome.

This year I watch at an inappropriate amount of sunsets.

This year I want to breathe, deeper, straight into the belly.

This year is for living in the moment.

This year I want oceans and salt water baths.

This year I compromise out of wisdom not fear.

This year I trust so much worry has no place

This year I feel myself so deeply comparison has no use.

This year I write out my soul.

This year I coach you, teach you, guide you.

This year I let myself be coached, taught, guided.

This year I want devotion within and without.

This year is for sensuality without guilt.

This year is for abundance – financial and otherwise.

This year is for taking chances.

This year is for gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

This year is for buying crystals and nice things that speak to me.

This year is not for mindless consumerism.

This year is for style.

This year is connection, to self, others, and nature.

This year I belief in magic more than before.

This year I am woman – more than before, yet same as always.

This year is for days spend naked and enjoying it.

This year is for hikes and adventures.

This year is for manifesting what stayed in the mind for too long.

This year is for showing up, not backing away.

This year is for staying connected to the vision.

This year is for juicy and plenty.

This year is simple and pure.

This year is for watermelons and grapefruits and raspberries.

This year I let go of expectations.

This year I want worthiness and open-mindedness over shame and guilt every damn day.

This year I want freedom and space over structures and rules.

This year I know there is room for growth and expansion and more.

This year I also know that I am more than enough – here and now.

This year reads like a poem.