Breathe Out

comes and goes

comes and goes

Breathe out.

Love, let go a little.

Make yourself soft, start where you can.

Release some tension here, ease some judgement there.

Make your edges less hard, your ego less rigid.

Be less on the watch, and see more.

Breathe out.

Soften. Release what no longer serves you. Melt.

Let it rush out, shame and guilt and fear and holding on - let it go.

Let it go.

Let it out.


Breathe out.

Let go. Make space.

So you can breathe in.

So every inhale can bring something new,

can flow freely.

Inhale love and trust and more of whatever it is that you need.

Inhale your healing,

let it rush into your belly,

fill you up,

and nourish you, energize you.

Breathe in,

float on the ride.

Untill it drops you,

and you let go again

Breathe in and breathe out.

Breathe in and breathe out.

It is life itself.

It is okay to let go, to release.

The death is in the holding.

We want the new before we have let go of the old.

We want to be sure we will be safe, before we take the risk.

We only want to let down our guard when we know that lover will stay.

Let go.

So there is space for what you need. Space for what you want and ask for.

Let go of the holding.


It is life itself.

We do not panick every time we exhale,

we do not wonder if new air will come.

We simply breathe,

we have learned to live with this coming and going

inside of our bodies.

So let your life breathe,

feel its ebb and flow,

the falling and the rising,

the healing and the hurt,

the solitude and the connection,

the storm and the stillness.

Let it come and go,

trust that what is empty for now,

will soon be overflowing with life.

Because we breathe deep where there is space,

life rushes in where we make space.

Breathe out.

Love, let go a little.

Trust that it is coming back.