Soft Power

Neil Krug. Fotografo y videoartista de clientes musicales. Los Angeles

Power is only possible when we let go of safety. When we stop clinging to specific outcomes. This power can only reveal itself, when we allow ourselves to be out there, where we have to face up to the task, when we rise to meet the challenge. Power comes when we are brave enough to leave the home we fought so hard to build, the ground we found to root in. Power comes when we march on regardless, knowing that you can come back there - or that you can build a new home when you have to.

Our power is located right there in our bellies, our 3rd chakra. It is there that our bodies are softest, there are no bones to protect it. Our power center is right there - open and vulnerable. That is not a coincidence; it a metaphor for what it takes to be powerful in our lives and the world. Open and vulnerable. It is also there that we are wounded, often. As women we are taught to be suspicious, we hold it in, keep it small. Or we keep an eye on it, we control it or we hide it. That is not a coincidence: it is pointing us to where we can start to heal. The 3rd chakra is there in our center, our bellies, right above the lower chakras. Its color is gold. That is not a coincidence either. It is hard to deny its value when it is that magnificent.

The first chakra, at the base of our spine, is where we claim our right to exist, to ground, to be safe and secure. The second chackra, around the genitals, is where we flow, where we learn to feel our emotions and to connect to our sexual and creative energy. That is crucial work, building a foundation for what is to come. But we do not build a house to stay home. We recharge there, we invite friends. We don't get fit and healthy just to be pretty and post pictures on instagram. We do it so we can use that vitality and energy out there in the world. We don't heal to get back to where we started, it takes us further.

We learn to be and to feel, so we can feed our center. Our 3rd chakra is where our energy meets the world. Where we are ourselves and where we are part of something bigger all at once. It is where the magic happens, where we give and receive. Where we overflow when we are strong, and where we drink when we are thirsty. Where what comes down from our minds and hearts finds expression in the world. Where what rises up from below, becomes tangible.

Power comes when we learn to live there where the change happens. On the edge of what it means to be fully alive. Supported by the body and the mind in just the same amount. On the edge of being secure in ourselves - with the willpower and self-esteem that is needed here, and being part of a world that we serve. Power comes when we live free. Where there is yes and no, the option to choose. Power comes when there is possibility. It is never in the there and then. Here. Now.