Walk the lines



We need doing as much as we need being. We need expression and inspiration. Inhales and exhales. Friendships and solitude. We need to explore new grounds and have a home base. We want to stay always hungry yet fulfilled. We want to be passionate but not exhausted. We want proof and we want to have faith. We want to trust you, but we are scared. We want to run away and we want to stay. We want to be part of something bigger and not lose ourselves. We want to run and we want to sleep. We want to let go, yet we hold on so so tight.

There are many fine lines in this life. Lines we were told not to cross. More lines that we drew for ourselves, marking who we are, should be and want to be. There is a storyline in front of us - how will it go - and one behind us - this is how we got here.

There are a lot of questions simultaneously and we can only answer some of them. Tomorrow will have the same questions, and we might answer differently. Tomorrow could have no questions, and leave us empty. Tomorrow may be shitty because we answer wrong today. The day after tomorrow might be a reward, or it might be what you never expected or it might be both.

There are many fine lines in this life. The line between addiction and passion, dependence and commitment. Enjoying and drinking. The line between planning and controlling. Indifference and letting go. Between knowing that x is there for you and taking x for granted. Between celebration and losing something in the process. Between bravery and arrogance. Between idealism and being naive.

There are many different labels for the same things. I have called myself by many different names, the same thing becomes something else in a different mood. I was brave and free yesterday, today I call that stupid and lost. Tomorrow I might think it looks like courageously searching. You might call me young, and tell me not to think so much.

There are many fine lines in this live. Limits and directions. Crossroads and parallels. It is easy to lose track, to get lost in there. To want to see one big line and start putting one foot in front of the other. Or just fly above. We feel caught in a spiderweb. So we sit there and we fight. Or we become the spider. We move across those lines, dance with them, we make new ones. We see the beauty of it. We don't want just one line, because it is a lot easier to catch dreams when there is plenty. And there is plenty of everything.  We are not meant to fly above, we are meant to be right here in the middle of it all.

Why are we so full of restraint? Why do we not give in all directions? Is it fear of losing ourselves? Until we do lose ourselves there is no hope of finding ourselves. -

-  Henry Miller

So we learn the art of walking the lines. Of dancing and moving with grace. Of staying open. We learn to feel where we are, and see where we can go. We learn to move with ease and grace. Always dancing, and expanding, linking and sharing. Allow the feminine to direct our movement, no need for always straight ahead when we can twist and turn and make circles. Where we can meet each other and explore. Where we are free to change our minds without losing it.

So we learn the art of walking the lines, always adjusting our lives and lines untill this life feels like our own. And it will be glorious, and beautifull and incredibly complicated. It will be the one only you could have lived.