Pick a battle. Kindly save the world.

"You are not Atlas carrying the world on your shoulders. Sometimes it is good to remember the world is carrying you."  - Vandana Shiva

Feeling heavy for the last few days, I finally sit down to write. The words won´t come. As if they are sick and tired of having to answer the same question over and over. How can I be a good person? The question is just too big. Trying to tackle it like that, in a big city, in the middle of a lot that is going wrong, is a bad idea. Trying to tackle it like that, will leave you lying on the floor. So let's do it like this: How do I do my best? What does it mean to try my best?

Making good choices. Moment to moment.

And picking a battle. Martin Luther King did, Ghandi too. Everyone that got somewhere in the "trying to save the world business" picked a battle. I am starting to see you have too. People who don´t, who try to take it all on, end up insane. Or worse, they end up doing nothing. They give up because it is too hard.

Saving the world is my job, it is your job. It is our job. But saving the whole world by myself is not my job. It is time to understand this, to get this out of the way. So I can get out of my own way. This feeling of needing all the answers, solving all the stuff, only paralizes. Stagnation. It scares me. It is loaded with guilt.

What the world needs is not that, it won´t help. The world needs light, something that is not built on fear. So stop. Stop. Start lightening the proces. Start bringing in the love, the ease. Realize what your actual job here is, so that you can take it and run with it. So you can make the actual difference.

Understand that everyone lives in his own reality, and within that everyone is doing what makes sense to him. Understand that and let them have their reality. Accepting  this as true is not giving up, it is what gives you your own reality and the choice of what that looks like. Owning that reality comes with the power of choice in where you put your money, your energy, your words, your time. All you control is how your reality is influenced by others, and how you influence others. It is your battle. We need all of our battles.

Kindness is important. This thought came up in my head as I was walking around Managua, Nicaragua yesterday. Passing these slums, wondering what it all meant, where I am in this, it was crystal clear. Kindness is everything. We all have our story and there was no way right then and there that I could change theirs. I only had my kindness.

Showing up completely and wholeheartedly for your work in the world, for your battle - is one thing. Kindness is the other thing. This way we can stop carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders and use that lightness, that surge of energy to go and change something. Being kind allows you to move through the world not interrupting other peoples battles, not standing in the way of their progress. Letting them unfold. Letting these other battles work together with yours.

Kindness is how we merge with it all. How our battles are less our own, but carried together. Kindness is how me make space for each and everyone to do their work. Kindness is how we know it is not for nothing, how we can trust and be optimistic.

So I will focus on my work, trusting that it matters, trusting that others are focussing on their work. I will help others live from the inside out, moving through what stands in the way of that with them. Shaping what is possible with this newly found connection, where to direct it. I will help them own it, help them pick their battle.

So I focus on my work.  On what I can do, here and now. With what I have and what I know. And I need to trust that others are doing the same, so it is not all on my shoulders, so I can be light. Because we need good healers, good presidents, good artists and good engineers. We need good pizzas and we need a friendly waitress. We need all of us. We need all of us to pick a battle and take responsibility for it.

So I focus on my work while making space in my life for all these other things the world needs: cultivating and recognizing quality, ease, play, beauty, love, nourishment. Light. Awareness.

I focus on my work. I am kind. I live fully.

This is how I do my best. This is how we will save the world.