The sea once it casts is it spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.  - Cousteau

I find myself once again pushing the limits of what this body can do. What my mind can do. Let me correct: I find myself once again exploring the limits. Of body, of breath, of life. 

It is what this trip is for, what my work is for. A theme that runs through. I used to push - push hard. I was demanding life to be more than it was. It did not work. With time I found different ways that showed me it was about being more within that life. Life that was in itself everything. It was about finding ways to expand the aliveness within life - taking that responsibility on for yourself, rather than blaming what is given to you.  I guess that is why we do yoga, why we meditate and write and travel, why we connect, why we heal (which is continously expanding what it means to be well). It is why we started a freediving course on this trip. When we started it seemed like something fun to do, and it is. But it is quickly becoming a lot more. 

Freediving, google to know the basics, is surprisingly relaxing for something considered so hardcore. That in itself is the most amazing lesson: being gentle and being badass are not contradictory. They are mostly one and the same. 

You take one breath and see where it takes you. You dive, you end up past where you have ever been before. 20 meters down for example. That is deeper than what is considered our "natural environment". You are not supposed to be there, yet you do not feel out of place. It is calm down there and so are you. Quiet. So quiet. The water holds you. 

You take one breath and see where it takes you. As you prepare, kind of meditating on the surface, you look down visualizing where you want to go: deep down. When you dive, the goal dissapears and it it is up to the water, up to how fluid you become. How you let yourself be there. It reminds me of the subconscious in a strange and pleasant way: you get to go where we normally don't have acces to. 

One breath into the underwaterworld, with its force and its healing. It is almost as if with every dive, you find some strength or potential or trust in yourself. Without taking away from the sea, we don't dive up her treasures. They are not for the taking. We unlock our own. 

One breath and your body does things you did not know it could, proving to you, once again, that it is your friend and it is here to help you and support you. We learned how there are mechanisms in place with oxygen and blood and lungs that get triggered by being under water. The same mechanisms that whales have. I mean, wauw! It is not about demanding life to be more than it is, but about showing up to the full potential that it has to offer. 

One breath and you see where it takes you. 

Even on land it lingers. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. Inhale, exhale. You go back to normal. Inhale, exhale. But now, each one of those breaths reminds you of all the potential and possibility it carries, in a way you did not know before. Inhale, exhale. Gentle yet badass. Inhale, exhale. Move with it, see where it takes you. 

I find myself once again exploring the limits of body, of breath, of mind. The only constant is expansion.