The Story of a Green Turtle

This is not a story with a lot of words. It is a story of an overflowing heart. Only thank yous. 

Thank you for walks on the beach. In the sun, at night. Coming across a random cow in the dark sometime. Walking under the light of a full moon on another time. 

Thank you for family. Family dinners. Hummus in the most unexpected place. 

Thank you for skipping the small talk and going straight to what matters. 

Thank you for sunlight and milkyways, bonfires and fireflies.

Thank each and everyone of you. For teaching me something. For believing in this kind of life and being brave enough to chase it. I think we found it, right here and right now. 

Thank you for simplicity.

Thank you for soul conversations.

Thank you for heat and fire. 

Thank you for fans and anti-mosquito stuff. Huge shout out!

Thank you for pupusas. For tostadas. For Adela, a thousand thank yous for Adela. 

Thank you for the yoga, for flowing with me. It was an honor. 

Thank you for the slowness of life. The hammocks. 

Thank you for dancing our asses off. 

Thank you for bumpy boat rides.

Thank you for the sea, who was our teacher. With her good waves and stingrays. With here peace and anger. For knocking us off our feet and helping us heal.

Thank you for making us feel so damn alive.

Thank you for making my beliefs stronger. That this is it. This is what it can always be. We rebel by loving more. We rebel together. 

Thank you for the love. 

Thank you for everything that is to be read between the lines because this is not a story of words. It is so much more. 

Thank you for the magic. Namaste. 

This is the story of the green turtle. And we all lived - maybe not always happy and surely not ever after, but damn we will have lived and god it will have been so real.