I energize so that I can show up for my life

I felt a shift the last few days. A day or two. Still doing the same things: teaching, laughing, sun and heat, writing and special brownies. But it doesn't get to me quite the same. Not as receptive. As if I am outside my center, orbiting around it. Still close: I can feel it pumping for me. But the vibe is lower. Subtle shift. Still I notice. I wake up less than fully myself. Wine and the afterthoughts it brings. This is okay.  I sit and breathe and see: how food has taken up a little more space in my head each day and how I want to fixate what is supposed to run free. I sit and breathe and see so I can shift back. A balancing avoiding the crash. A subtle shift, but I sat breathing and saw. Felt. And threw it wide open again. 

What if "nourishment" as a concept does not consist of just food? What if it is energy. What if we think not of feeding but energizing? Because that is our intention behind it. I energize so I can show up for my life. This is the mantra.I  eat to energize so I can show up for my life. (Not: I eat for looks. Also not: I eat for comfort.)

Throw it wide open: energizing includes rest and movement, good books and moonlight. Feeling over thinking. Grace over mass. Nature over calculation. Proactive over reactice. And how big llife would be then how much more it encompasses. Why let food carry all the burden, all the expectations, the shame, whene there is a lot more in playing this game? 

Throw it wide open. It will be cyclical because so are we. We are not a one way street. So go with it. Follow where you take you. Rather than trying to build a cement road that takes you from here to where you don't want to go, take the scenic route. 

I energize so that I can show up for my life. 

Nourishment based on energy is about enjoying the trip, choosing the way that feels good. You will arrive right on time and surely less tired. 

A subtle shift these past few days. I got back on the highway somehow. This is okay. Back to center, to the scenic route. Back to where I can breathe and let go and things don't fall apart. Where I can have a magic brownie for breakfast because it feels good and that's that. 

I energize so that I can show up for my life.