In the Dance and in the Waves

Meditating on the beach. Blown away by a sudden tropical storm. I opened my eyes to see the color of the ocean change to black while the clouds paint a rainbow in the sky. 

"Hello love, my invincible friend", starts playing in my ear as I grab a pen and a notebook. Writing this while the wind plays with my hair and everything else around me. My body covered in sand, it sticks to my skin in a mixture of sunscreen sweat. It got there frop falling flat on my face when trying acroyoga poses. And I think this is what happiness might feel like. 

It is not as big and grand and shiny as McDonald commercials make us believe. It does not have to be intense or intoxicating. It is not easily captured in a photograph to be thrown on instagram with a hashtag. It is hard to grasp. I could try. To hold it, pin it down. Look for all the details. Remeber all the bricks of today to rebuild this house to come back to when I need it. But even tomorrow it would not be the same: life would not live there anymore. 

See, happiness is not in the holding on. It is in how you move together with the Universe. And the Universe's movement will always be too magnificent for us to replicate or calculate. So I just am - here and now. And I let that be enough. For this moment will pass when the next one comes as it should. 

See, I know how I got here and that is already a lot. I am seeing a pattern of when bliss arrives, I sense when I am close: When I am in the Dance, moving my feet to its rythm, dancing to its drum, fully, (w)holy in ane together with this Life. Rolling around in it. Moved by it. Like waves by the ocean. Nothing but surrendering and trusting in the existence of the shore and the fact that you will end up there. 

On a beach in El Salvador, wind in my hair, pen in my hand. This is the shore, I am here and now and I let that be enough. I have been here before and I will come again, untill then I will be out there moving with the universe. Dancing. 

With all of you, hopefully helping you do the same. So we can all be fully in this dance, in these waves. So we can all recognize when we feel sand under our feet and sun on our face. So we can then say cheers and thank you, catch some air and dive back in when it is time.