Breathe under water 

I have an artist mind. I want this artist life. Think too far, feel too deep. Drink life in, a litte drunk on too much wine from time to time. I am not made for neutral, want to love without thinking, jump right in. It can kill you, I know. Drowns you. Following confusion too far - how do I get back from here? 

I want to live deeply, but live. 

How do the artists handle it? Maybe they don't care. I do. I want it all and I want it to last. I want time, because I have a lot to feel and see and say and do. 

So - I breathe. I feel this body, use it, move it and breathe. I make space, lose the urgency. What is the rush? Let it breathe. 

Yoga set me free, it is the only compromise where I do not lose anything. Yoga lets me live ever deeper but reminds me to come up for air. I know where the air is now. The artist mind can drown you, I know. Yoga thaught me to breathe under water so I dive.

Dive in. 

All in.