My grandmother used to rent a house on top of a hill in the south of France

- I smelled it today. Somehow. We used to swim for hours

       Burning under the sun

       Chilly from the Mistral

We could eat four servings of mac n cheese back then

Our parents would let us. 

Oh how that region I know so well now seemed endless.

I had no idea there would be a time after

There were different houses

but the innocence to eat four servings of anything was lost

The hours were now spent next to the pool, strategic tanning.

We could stay up those long summer nights

      Watching the stars, shooting

       Falling in our laps

Our parents would let us. Somehow - a smell brought me back today

To the house on the hill

And I started to feel them again,

The stars. 

      I still hold them in my lap.